Real Greek taverna – The Round Market building

Moika River Embankment 3
+7 (999) 039 76 95

Daily: 13-23
Brunch Sun: 13-16
Pame is literally a family restaurant made by Aleksei Burov and his wife Anna (ethnic Greek).

No compromise, when it comes to ingredients: real feta, strained yogurt, Kalamata olives, fish and shrimps of the Aegean Sea.
Chef Vasiliy Ratner cooks traditional food with a modern twist.

We want to bring people together around the table. All our dips including authentic Tzatziki, Fava and Taramosalata, mezedes are to be shared by the whole table. The menu spotlights plenty of vegetarian dishes, fresh fish and seafood, kebabs and traditional pork Tomahawk steak.

Our bar menu includes wines of Santorini and mainland Greece and various twists on traditional cocktails.

Pame is all about big Greek feast. Gathering family and friends around the table is the essence of the restaurant.

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